Cutting Edge Country

Italy Straw Hat

$79.99 AUD


Contrast sand and charcoal straw hat in chevron weave, accented with black canvas band. Three black eyelets on each side for breathability.

Product Overview

Hot dusty summers in a big wide country call for a rockin’ cool straw hat, to protect your head and sport your style. 

Our genuine shantung straw hats feature a dressy cattleman’s crease crown, with satin-lined internal sweatband for durability and comfort. All have a wide brim for full protection from the sun. 

Girls and guys can dress our straw hats up or down – wear ‘em with double denim if you’ve stepped straight off the station; style with a tailored suit, flowing sundress or cowboy boots to create your own personal Western flavour.


  • Unisex fit for men and women.

    Naturally breathable leather sweatband.

    Tightly woven shantung fibre, sealed for protection against the elements.

    High crown with eyelets for breathability.

Care Instructions

  • Wipe away any dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid exposing your hat to excessive heat, such as radiators, lamps and if left in a hot car.
  • If the hat gets wet, flip the leather sweatband down and stand upright on the band (not flat on the brim).
  • When not using, store the hat upside-down on its crown, not flat on the brim.
  • Invest in a hatbox if you travel lots, to preserve the shape of your hat.


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