Cattleman Palm Leaf Straw Hat

$99.99 AUD

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Cattleman hat in light tan palm leaf. Tan and brown faux leather woven hatband. Three eyelets each side for breathability. Our popular palm leaf hats, made ‘specially for Outback Supply Co, all have rustic texturing and a choice of finishes, colouring and hatbands.

  • Unisex fit for men and women
  • Genuine palm leaf for durability
  • Naturally breathable leather sweatband

Care Instructions

  • Never leave your hat in the car or in direct sunlight when not being worn.
  • The best way to store your hat is by resting it on its crown upside down on a table, shelf or in a cupboard. Do not rest it on the brim as this can sometimes pull the whole hat out of proportion. Best way of storing your hat is on a hat stand or hook.


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