Cutting Edge Country

Burnt Palm Hat

$89.99 AUD


Palm leaf with dark toasted effect. Chocolate brown grosgrain trim on brim; chocolate-and-white faux leather woven hatband. Three eyelets each side for breathability.

Product Overview

Calling all true-blue guys and girls looking for an always-ready Western hat: the palm leaf is your new go-to day hat. More summery than felt, more durable than straw, the palm leaf hat has the wide brim you need and the unfussed look of everyday outback style.

Casual style is easy in this number – you’ll be wearing your palm leaf hat with working gear or your everyday shirts. ‘Course, you’ll chuck on a clean tee for a night on the town, and that’s about as fancy as you get anyways. 

Our popular palm leaf hats, made ‘specially for Outback Supply Co, all have rustic texturing and a choice of finishes, colouring and hatbands.


  • Unisex fit for men and women
  • Genuine palm leaf for durability
  • Naturally breathable leather sweatband

Care Instructions

  • Wipe away any dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid exposing your hat to excessive heat, such as radiators, lamps and if left in a hot car.
  • If the hat gets wet, flip the leather sweatband down and stand upright on the band (not flat on the brim).
  • When not using, store the hat upside-down on its crown, not flat on the brim.
  • Invest in a hatbox if you travel lots, to preserve the shape of your hat.


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